For most people, the purchase of a home is the largest investment they’ll ever make, so it makes sense to get an independent inspector’s expert opinion. However, since not all inspectors have the same qualifications or certifications, it’s important to determine the expertise of a home inspector.

How can you determine a home inspector’s qualifications? First, make sure the inspector is ICC Code Certified. There is a difference between just “certified” and “Code Certified”. To be code certified requires rigorous study and training and can take a year or more to achieve. An inspector who has achieved ICC code certification has extensive experience in building structure, electrical, plumbing and mechanical – the fundamental components of a home.

Included here is a link to the ICC Certifications page where you can check an inspector’s code certification. Just click on the link below and then type in an inspectors last name and state.

 “Is your Inspector Code Certified? Click here to find out”

Another certification that indicates expertise and dedication is “Certified Master Inspector”. An inspector must have completed over 1,000 inspections, have been in business for over 3 years, and abide by a strict code of ethics to qualify for this certification.

In addition, the inspector should be a member of a professional home inspector organization such as GAHI (Georgia Association of Home Inspectors). Professional organizations typically require continuing education and training for full membership. GAHI is notable because it is the only home inspection organization in the country that requires code certification for full membership.

Greystone Home Inspections, LLC is fully owned by Ted Rodgers. He has been in business since 2003, is fully ICC Code Certified (#5212980-R5), a GAHI member in good standing, and a Certified Master Inspector. You can be assured that he is highly qualified and dedicated, and has the training and expertise needed for a top quality home inspection.