Now that the technology is available, it made sense for me to start using an Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) also known as a drone. It has become an essential tool for roofs that are too steep, too high or than have hidden or blocked sections not visible from the ground or a ladder.

The high quality, 4K camera that is integrated in the drone allows me to see what would sometimes be invisible. I use the latest DJI Mavic Pro drone because of its small size, low turbulence and low noise. Its size allows me to get as close to the roof as I need to capture details that I would otherwise have missed.

Not only can I now see shingle details – such as deteriorated surface, slipped shingles, poor repairs, bad plumbing boots or debris on roof – but also hidden chimney condition, structural issues and roof venting defects.

I have been certified and licensed by the FAA for meeting all the requirements outlined in Part 107 of the UAV regulations applicable to small drones.