Many factors are taken into consideration in the pricing of a home inspection. Size, age, condition and configuration of the house are just few of the important factors taken into account. My fees reflect my intention to maintain a high standard of quality for home inspections. Check out my sample report to see the level of detail I maintain on all of my inspections.

As with the purchase of any product or service, price should be an important consideration. However, to select your home inspection company primarily by who is the cheapest is generally not wise. The inexperienced and “slip-shod” generally compete on price. When one considers the size of the investment involved in a home purchase, the cost of the inspection is tiny by comparison and not the place to cut corners based on cost. It’s kind of like selecting the recently graduated eye surgeon because he is $500 cheaper than the experienced surgeon who has performed your operation hundreds of times.

Price Ranges
Prices are for New Homes and Resale
Condos and Lofts $295.00 to $425.00
Small Homes to 2000 sq’


Larger Homes to 3300 sq’

$475.00 to $600.00

Homes Larger than 4,000 sq’ $600.00 and up
Framing Inspections

Prices on Request

Radon Testing

$195.00  (2 Day Test)

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As a point of interest regarding price, during 2002, 600 recent clients were surveyed. One of the questions asked was for our clients to estimate the dollar value of the repairs that were done as a result of deficiencies discovered during the inspection. Among those who responded, when dealing with a resale house our clients estimated the sellers of the homes did an average of just over $820.00 in repairs as a result of problems uncovered during the inspection. When looked at in this light, not only was the inspection free, but also our clients actually saved significant money as a consequence of having the home inspected.