“I don’t need a home inspection. It’s a new home”. This is a comment often heard by home inspectors. The truth is that any home – regardless of age – has some defects. New homes are no exception. Their quality depends not only on the contractor, but also on the skill of the sub-contractors and the level of the quality control (if any). Recently, I inspected 2 new homes in the same neighborhood that were comparable in size and price ($750,000 range). There were only (7) minor deficiencies found in the first house. The 2nd house had (32) minor and major deficiencies found. Based on the types of defects found, the issue appeared to be primarily a lack of quality control.

Building a new home is a complex process that requires attention to detail throughout the entire process. The time to catch any defects is at the time of construction – not years later when problems become apparent.