CRMIWhat is a Certified Residential Mold Inspector?

There is a specific method of testing that needs to be followed to get accurate results when testing for mold. I have been trained in these procedures using specialized equipment and I am now qualified to inspect and test for mold. The standard training consists of courses with follow up testing by The American Council for Accredited Certification, however, I went further than that. I also interned with an Indoor Air Quality specialist for several months to be sure my procedures were correct.

In addition, a vetted list of qualified mold remediators is provided. These contractors are independent and are not affiliated with my company or the Indoor Air Quality company in any way.

The charge for a mold inspection done separately is $250.00, plus a $85.00 charge per sample (varies depending on the extent of the problem). However, if I do the mold inspection at the same time as a home inspection, the $250.00 fee is waived and the sample rate stays the same at $85.00.